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Del Cerro Baptist Church solarThe Challenge

  • Reduce high electrical costs with the intention of in- vesting those savings back into the church and sur- rounding community
  • Diminish the church’s environmental impact

Del Cerro Baptist Church initially considered making the switch to solar because of its high electrical costs. They anticipated significant energy cost savings as a result of installing a solar system to power the church facility. Lower operating costs would enable the organization’s leaders to invest back into the church, the congregation, and the community. And being environmentally conscious, Del Cerro also had a goal of doing their part to reduce their impact on the earth. They understood that the use of a renewable source of energy would benefit La Mesa and the surrounding area through a decrease in pollution and improved air quality.

System Specs

Location: La Mesa, CA
System Size: 50 kWs
Number of Panels: 195
Date Commissioned: June 2016
Annual Energy Cost Savings: $21,000    

The Solution

Members of the Baker Electric Solar team worked closely with Del Cerro Baptist’s staff and facilities manager to design a solution that would best meet the church’s financial and environmental goals. The result was a 50-kilowatt rooftop solar system comprised of 195 Hyundai® panels. Del Cerro vetted four solar companies and ultimately chose Baker Electric Solar based on reputation, workmanship excellence, and parent company Baker Electric, Inc.’s 75+ year history in electrical contracting. In addition to the new solar installation, Baker also upgraded the church’s main service panel with the intention of maximizing the system’s longevity.

The Results

Del Cerro Baptist’s solar panel array will produce roughly 93% of the church’s electricity. This will save the organization approximately $21,000 in annual energy costs. That equates to thousands of dollars each month that will be reinvested into the church ministries, education and outreach. The solar system’s monitoring technology allows Del Cerro to track how much energy the system is producing and measure its positive environmental impact. Del Cerro’s solar system achieves the organization’s two main goals of reducing their high electric bills and supporting a clean environment. The system is not only saving the church thousands per month.

"The entire job went smoothly; they stay in touch and are helping us calculate our savings", Pastor Mark S. Milwee


About Del Cerro Baptist Church

Located in La Mesa, CA, Del Cerro Baptist Church’s mission is first and foremost to connect its congregation and the community at large with God. Serving children, teens and adults, the church ministries offer a broad range of programs and opportunities to worship.