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Baker Electric maintains a large, sophisticated, and well trained Planning Department.  Our planners are electrical experts, who utilize cutting edge virtual design and Building Information Modeling or BIM for our larger projects.

Our models are a data-rich digital representation of the work we install in the field.  We use BIM to visualize the work, quantify the scope, generate shop drawings, and prefabrication drawings.

By leveraging BIM technology, Baker is assisting our clients to achieve their project goals in a more cost-effective and efficient manner.

  • Why BIM Matters


    Mobile Devices

    Using mobile devices in the field allows our field staff to create and share critical project data in real-time including blueprints, contracts, RFI’s, close-out documents and other vital information.



  • Trimble GPS Software

    Using Trimble GPS software in the field ensures accurate positioning and engineering while saving time, increasing productivity, virtually eliminating rework and saving costs. Using Trimble Total Station with Sure Scan technology we accurately layout all deep underground, conduits, and cable tray racks as well as wall device rough-in.

  • Lean Construction & Pull Planning

    Baker Electric embraces a Lean approach to construction management and project delivery. By placing an emphasis on value by uncovering wasted resources and unnecessary costs, your project will benefit from a measured and improved planning process assuring reliable workflow and a predictable project outcome.
    As part of our Lean approach, we create a master schedule, “six-week look ahead” and daily pull planning sessions. These sessions bring together project team leaders to discuss daily accomplishments and milestones, coordinate upcoming work activities and initiate timely problem solving. Lean is founded on the value of smart coordination and shared knowledge building a high-performing team and successful project.

  • Project Close-Out

    Our goal on every project is a Zero Punch List and at Baker it starts and ends with accountability. So, taking a serious approach to project close-out requires that our work is completed to your satisfaction, all systems are operational, and documentation is accurately transferred per project requirements.

    Our approach to close-out is intentionally comprehensive and that mind-set begins well ahead of field operations during pre-construction. Once in the field, our staff conducts thorough daily inspections, maintaining consistent and complete documentation and ensuring clear team communication.

    At Baker there are no excuses. Our goal is to get the work done right, the first time.