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Antelope Valley Solar Ranch 1
Antelope Valley Solar Ranch 1
Project Description

Baker Electric was chosen to complete the final phase of the Antelope Valley Solar Ranch One, and installed 61.23 MW of the total system.

Located in the Antelope Valley area of North Los Angeles County, the 230 MW AV Solar Ranch One is a utility scale solar project that will produce enough electricity to meet the annual energy needs of about 75,000 average homes.

To date AV Solar Ranch One is one of the largest PV solar projects in the world.

This Antelope Valley Solar Ranch project is owned and operated by Exelon Corporation.


Environmental Benefits

  • Enough power for 75,000 average homes
  • Displaces 140,000 tons of CO2 annually – equivalent to taking 30,000 cars off the road
  • Lowest impact of any PV technology
  • Electricity generation uses no water

Community Benefits

  • Wages and benefits from up to 400 construction jobs over three-to-four-year period
  • Increased state and local tax revenues
  • Local benefits to businesses in the area, from engineering and design firms to construction subcontractors, supplier, and service providers
Project Specs
  • Location Antelope Valley, California