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Vanguard Industries
Vanguard Industries
Project Description

The Challenge:

Vanguard was faced with two challenges:

  1. Reduce utility costs enabling more investment in the heart of the business – serving the US armed forces and related organizations.
  2. Become more environmentally responsible.

High electric bills month after month were an increasing pain point for Vanguard Industries West. Vanguard’s executives were closely tracking rising utility costs. It was clear they needed a strategy to mitigate escalating energy bills. The perfect solution would allow them to dedicate more of their budget to achieving their business goals and enable even better distribution of their world-class products to the Armed Forces.

In addition to cutting electrical costs, Vanguard had a goal of becoming more environmentally responsible while serving as stewards of sustainability within their community.


The Solution:

Baker Electric Solar’s expert team worked closely with Vanguard to address their needs and design a solar system that seamlessly generates power for their 35,000 square foot Carlsbad facility. Baker built a 517-panel solar system that achieves the specific financial and environmental goals of the organization.

“We chose Baker Electric Solar because of its longevity and customer service. It was a pleasurable experience from start to finish with Baker’s on-budget, on-time completion,” said Vanguard Industries West Executive Vice President/COO, Michael Harrison.

Baker specializes in precision-designed solar and installed the optimal system to meet Vanguard’s energy, environmental and cost-cutting objectives.


The Result:

Vanguard’s solar system produces roughly 76% of their annual electricity needs and saves them about $51,000 in energy costs per year. This savings allows the company to further invest in its mission of serving all branches of the

U.S. Armed Forces without the worry of the high overhead cost needed to power their Carlsbad facility.

According to the EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator, Vanguard’s new solar system saves the equivalent of annual greenhouse gas emissions from 420,631 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle. It also offsets CO2 emissions from 19,879 gallons of gasoline consumed or 189,758 pounds of coal burned annually.

“We felt switching to solar was the right economically as well as our company’s desire to do our part to become more environmentally responsible", said Harrison. Vanguard’s

custom-designed solar system successfully meets their two renewable energy goals by providing the company with significant financial savings and drastically reducing their carbon footprint.

Project Specs
  • Location Carlsbad, California