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San Diego Academy
San Diego Academy
Project Description

The Challenge:

According to Interfaith Power & Light (IPL), a nonprofit with experience helping religious congregations respond to climate change, more and more places of worship and education are going solar to promote eco-stewardship while enjoying financial savings

Principal Nic Lindquist shared, “As a small private Seventh-day Adventist Christian school, we believe that part of our duties as Christians is to take care of the earth that God created. And beliefs aren’t worth much if you don’t put them into practice – that’s why we decided to go solar. It reinforces that we are indeed stewards of the earth looking towards the future.”


The Solution:

San Diego Academy had its beginnings in 1899 when W. M. Healey, pastor of the Adventist church, rented a store at 17th and K Streets. With continued growth and a series of moves, the current facility was completed in 2005. When asked why San Diego Academy chose Baker Electric Solar, Lindquist said, “In addition to the cost, I was impressed with the dedication that Baker has to education and how great their role has been in bringing renewable energy to schools while making a positive impact on San Diego’s youth.”

Baker Electric Solar, a full-service solar provider has partnered with San Diego Academy K-12 to design and install a 139.65 kW solar system to help the school achieve substantial energy cost savings as well as make a visible statement to the community of its commitment to clean energy. The project will include 399 solar panels using both a rooftop and carport configuration. The solar installation is projected to be completed by Q1 2017.   San Diego Academy is located at 2800 East 4th Street in National City, California.

With no upfront costs, San Diego Academy utilized a power purchase agreement with a fixed payment for 25 years with the option to purchase the system outright.


The Result:

According to the EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator, the school’s solar system will make a significant impact on the community by saving the equivalent of annual greenhouse gas emissions from 357,234 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle. It will offset CO2 emissions from 16,772 gallons of gasoline consumed or 159,056 pounds of coal burned.

“Based on past consumption, the Academy will reduce its electricity costs by 60 percent, with more than $1.4M net savings over the 25-year warranted life of the solar modules,” said Baker’s Director of Commercial Solar Scott Williams. “We’re privileged to help San Diego Academy lead positive change in the community, using their solar installation to publicly endorse clean energy while investing their cost savings into programs for student development.”

Project Specs
  • Location National City, California