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Reimagine Ventura Project – Phase 1
Photo Copyright © Baker Electric
Project Description

The City of Los Angeles, Department of Transportation (LADOT), acting as the Lead City Agency for the City of Los Angeles (CITY) has undertaken the Reimagine Ventura Project - Phase 1. This project aims to install diagonal parking along Ventura Boulevard between Royer Avenue and Sale Avenue while seeking to minimize potential negative impacts on traffic flow, improve pedestrian amenities, and improve overall safety by making strides toward Vision Zero. Vision Zero is a visionary goal set by the Los Angeles City Planning Mobility Plan 2035 to achieve zero annual transportation-related fatalities throughout the city by 2035. The primary purpose of this project is to identify feasible infrastructure enhancements that balance the roadway facilities for all users.

The described herein includes the installation of traffic signals, signs, interconnect, access ramps, wheel stops, and parking meter posts and foundations. The work described in the contract documents, plans, these Special Provisions, Exhibits, etc., are intended to enhance the safety of pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, and drivers
who use these intersections. Phase 2 would add concrete medians, curb extensions, landscaping, sidewalk improvements, and ramps at accessible parking spaces in the future.

Photo Copyright © Baker Electric
Project Specs
  • Location Along Ventura Blvd. between Royer Ave. & Sale Ave, San Fernando Valley, California 91340