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Hunter Industries
Hunter Industries
Project Description

Baker Electric installed this 243 kW system at Hunter Industries in San Marcos, CA. The system includes 972 panels that are mounted among two roofs and between many sky lights.

Hunter Industries announced on April 9, 2015 that their Building 1840 System 2 solar generation public view web site was now on line at: Contact us today for the installation of Baker Solar in San Marcos, CA.

To cut Hunter Industry’s greenhouse gas emissions 30 percent by 2020 and to become more energy independent, they wanted to increase their renewable energy portfolio. Hunter wanted to leverage the 267 days of sunshine per year that their Southern California location receives, which is a great source of renewable energy. To help them achieve their goal, Hunter chose Baker and we installed almost 1,000 panels, resulting in a 243 kW system.

Hunter Industries found that potentially 40 percent of rooftop space could be used for new installations. That is 140,000 square feet of available space for additional solar. Hunter had been wanting to expand the solar system already in place on the distribution center roof. Seven years after constructing the distribution center, Hunter chose Baker Electric to install another 972 panels to the original 504 panel rooftop system. Total power production for both systems is now 300 kW VAC.

Tony Evans, Baker-Electric Supervisor said, “This is the biggest kilowatt install I have managed. The hardest part of adding solar to the distribution center which is already covered with panels, was working 315 skylights and 99 smoke hatches.”

In addition to Baker’s installation of this 243 kW system, Hunter now produces three quarters of a megawatt of solar energy campus. Hunter generates enough solar for 50 percent of the energy needed to power Hunter’s distribution center, and 35 percent of the energy needed for their products and buildings. With more than 2,000 solar panels (almost half of them installed by Baker) on campus, they continue to look for more installation opportunities to maximize their savings and protect the environment.

Project Specs
  • Location San Marcos, California