The Business Benefits of Installing Solar and Energy Storage

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It’s Good for Business

When electricity costs rise every year, businesses turn to renewable energy to reduce and stabilize their skyrocketing bills. Solar and/or battery storage has not only become the sustainable choice, but also a prudent financial business decision. Whatever your situation, we have solutions that fit your needs. Whether your business has cash for a capital improvement, requires assistance with financing, or wants to keep the project off balance sheet, we have you covered.

Key Benefits of Solar and/or Storage for Business

Would you like to:

  • Significantly reduce your facilities’ operating costs, reducing your electric bill up to 90%?
  • Insulate your business from future rate hikes (on average 6-7% per year)?
  • Gain predictability in your operations/facilities budget?
  • Gain a competitive advantage by decreasing your operating expense and increasing your margins?
  • Take advantage of a 30% federal tax credit and 5-year accelerated depreciation?

Government incentives, low equipment costs, and innovative financing continue to make solar more affordable than ever. Investing in solar can generate long term savings and relatively quick simple paybacks.

Generating your own electricity from solar reduces greenhouse gas emissions and pollution and provides an environmentally responsible image that is proven to generate positive responses from customers.

Don’t wait for prices to go up. Call us at 760-690-5010 or use the contact form below for a free evaluation of your facility by an experienced professional.

The Potential for No Capital Expenditure

Insurance Against Rising Utility Costs

Generous Federal & State Incentives
Take Advantage of the Tax Benefits

Baker’s Experience with Commercial Solar Projects is Extensive

Cash Flow Positive in the First Year

Promote your business as an Energy Steward for the Community

The Added Benefit of Shade for Carports

Easy Financing to Achieve Your Financial Goals

Evaluate Solar for Your Facility Today

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