Energy Storage System – San Diego, CA

UCSD Trade Street Energy Storage

System Overview:

System Size: 250 kW / 430kWh

Storage as part of an integrated solar + energy solution, enables UCSD to better control the variable nature of when solar energy is available for use.  UCSD can now keep and use more of their own solar-generated electricity as opposed to sending excess energy production back to the grid.

The Results

The right energy storage component was the perfect strategy for elevating their current solar system benefits and realizing significant cost-savings.

The Challenge

UCSD wanted to better control the variable nature of when solar energy was available for use.

Challenge 1: Identify a solution that would tie to an existing system

Challenge 2 The project was to be built in an already existing facility that was very space constrained

The Solution

Baker provided the engineering, procurement, construction and, ongoing operations and maintenance for an energy storage system.

In addition Baker designed a compact floor plan that included constructing an electric room to house the energy storage system inside of an existing building.  Even with challenges the project met the budget and schedule requirements.

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