Baker Electric Battery Storage

System Overview:

Storage System Size: 30 kW, 80 kWh

Photovoltaic System Size: 75 kWac

Monthly kW Performance Guarantee: 25 kW

Projected Energy Savings: $1,475/month – $14,000/year

The Results

The graph shown depicts actual system performance on June 30 and July 1, 2015. The system achieved a peak reduction close to 30 kW, significantly higher than the Performance Guarantee level of 25 kW. The SDG&E peak summer rate is more than $48/kW. Sharp’s SmartStorage® system resulted in a savings of $1,440 in Baker Electric’s utility bill for that month.

Battery Storage Energy Chart

The Challenge

Baker Electric expressed a need to cut expensive, impending utility bills and reduce rising demand charges at its headquarters facility.

The Solution

“Baker Electric selected an energy storage system to reduce expensive demand charges at its headquarters facility, in addition to offering the system to its commercial building customers. The 30 kW storage system, coupled with Baker’s existing 90 kWdc (75 kWac) solar PV system, proved to be the ideal answer to generate peak demand savings.

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