Project Management Services

Step 1 – Project Planning

Baker Electric has in-place a Project Planning Process (P3) to insure an efficient proactive approach to Project Management. We realize the top priority is to safely and efficiently perform our work to meet the project schedule.

Step 2 – Production Control

Construction must be kept on schedule for the success of the Project. Baker uses Job Planning Analysis Control (JPAC) to monitor real time deviations from the Project Plan. This allows accurate and prompt feedback to the customer of scheduling impacts and help to identify issues in a timely manner. Supporting the task phasing with appropriate manpower loading is controlled through Weekly Labor Planning. Baker tracks project manpower using a three to four week look-ahead approach. Baker maintains a consistent qualified core crew on its project.

Step 3 – Procurement

Controls, lighting and commodity vendors are a part of our team. They are brought into the P3 early to coordinate materials, packaging, and deliveries.

Step 4 – Detailing I Coordination Drawings

Baker has its own in house Engineering Department. Detailing and layout drawings are an integral part of our project plan and field installation success.

Step 5 – Pre-fabrication

Offsite prefabrication is integral to our installation success. Baker maintains our own full time off site fabrication shop. Projects receive pre-assembled materials delivered to the job site to meet the schedule requirements.

Step 6 – Safety

Maintaining a safe project is foremost to all involved. Baker has made a substantial investment in day-to-day safety awareness and training. During P3, Baker’s Safety Director helps identify safety concerns and develop a safety plan, unique to each project.

Step 7- Overall Objective

The project meets the expectations of the customer. Baker is known for doing quality work. We have built our business on developing long standing customer relationships since 1938.

Prefabrication and quality control