Commercial Solar Analysis & Installation Process

The process from signed contract to project completion usually takes between 6-8 months depending on project complexity and location. Some jurisdictions (Cities and Counties) can take 2-3+ months to approve a permit. Ask us about our experience in your area for more information.

Step 1
Utility Cost Review
The first step is to collect your company’s information. We will request 15-minute interval utility data for each meter you’d like to consider for solar/storage. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to get the data, we can easily walk you through it.

Step 2
Site Visit/1st Meeting
During our first on-site meeting we will gather information we need from you, other stakeholders and survey your facility to ensure we are 1) able to help you, and 2) tailor the solution to your specific business needs and goals. We will need access to the solar location (rooftop, parking lot, dirt lot, etc.), as well as access to your main electrical service equipment.

Design and customizationStep 3
Design & Customization
Our trained engineers will complete a full analysis of your billing and building data and generate an estimate based on a customized solution aimed at meeting your corporate goals. Due to the level of detail we put into our proposal, from 1st site visit (assuming we already have your utility data) to a firm price proposal currently takes about 2 weeks. It is also during this time we will develop financing solution based on the feedback we received during our 1st meeting.

Step 4
Financing & Contracting
Once you have decided to move forward with us, we help you finance your project if needed. We have many different financing options (click here to learn more about financing) to fit your different business objectives. Our financing partners will need your last 3 years of financials. Once your financing is approved, we will execute a construction contract to start your project. Once contracts are executed, you will be introduced to the project manager (PM) dedicated to your project. They will become your primary point of contact until the completion of your project.

Installation of your solar systemStep 5
Design, Engineering & Installation
At this stage, we develop a complete engineered solution and generate a plan to submit to both your permitting jurisdiction and your utility for approval. This process can take anywhere from 1-3 months on average, depending on your project size and location. Once we have an approved plan set, we will order materials and then mobilize your site for construction. Construction timing changes depending on system size and project complexity. At the completion of the project, we will complete a Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) on-site project review, complete any final items, and commission your system. Once your system is installed, we will achieve final inspection from the permitting agency and utility and then we can turn your system on! We provide every customer instruction and training on their new system at the completion of the project.

Maintenance of your solar systemStep 6
We recommend at a minimum an annual check-up and inspection. This can be completed by your facilities personnel or you can contract with Baker Electric for Preventative Maintenance (PM). Some areas may need more frequent maintenance depending on equipment used and system location. For example, installations in dusty/dirty areas, near freeways or near airports may need additional regular service/module washing. Request your PM options at your first meeting if interested.

Promote your solar installationStep 7
We help you promote your green business! On your approval, we will take professional photos, issue press releases, and create and promote a case study of your project after completion. We provide you the marketing you need to solidify to your business’s commitment to the environment.

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