Southern California’s commercial electric rates are some of the highest in the country and they continue to rise. Baker’s Commercial Solar Group offers solutions for energy savings that will help put the control back in your hands. Contact us to learn about financing options for solar power and energy storage.

Lock in a low rate

Hedge against rising electricity rates and secure the cost for your energy long-term


Take advantage of expiring incentives while you can


Commercial solar systems provide returns that outperform money markets

Financing Options

Baker Electric has the right financing options for you – loans, leases, PPAs, and PACE

Financing Options

Commercial solar projects are eligible to receive lucrative state and federal tax incentives, making them excellent investments for most commercial facilities. Baker’s solar financing options provide flexibility in the application of these incentives.

In addition to Baker’s balanced project payment schedule, Baker also provides access to proven and trusted project finance options.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA): A solar service provider completely funds the project and sells energy to a host facility.

  • Energy generated by the solar system is sold to the host facility at a lower rate than the existing utility costs
  • PPAs are the most common financing option for non-profit organizations
  • PPAs often provide 15-25% net utility savings immediately

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE): Project financing based on property value for clean energy and energy efficiency projects.

  • Financing available up to 20% of the property’s assessed value
  • Payments made with property tax
  • Terms available for up to 30 years, providing the lowest possible payment
  • No personal guarantee required
  • Customer receives all solar tax incentives


  • No money out of pocket
  • Fixed or escalating monthly payment
  • 10-year full system warranty
  • 7-12 year terms

Loan or Cash Purchase

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