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Baker Commercial Solar and Energy Systems

Baker Commercial Solar is the solar “energy arm” of Baker Electric — with an unparalleled understanding of the electrical needs and energy use patterns of today’s California businesses. We know how to utilize solar resources to bring maximum benefit to your business. Our team is capable of meeting all of your business solar power needs. As of August 2015, we have contracted for over 546 MW of commercial solar panel installations.

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Experts in Business Solar Power Systems Installations

At Baker Commercial Solar we design and install renewable solar power systems for businesses and commercial properties. Providing solar power that delivers electricity at a fraction of the cost you currently pay your utility company, we have been designing and installing electrical systems since 1938. With over a decade of experience performing solar system installs for thousands of businesses, government facilities and utilities, we know how to help you improve your business’s energy efficiency

Rising electricity rates and generous state and federal incentives make a solar system installation a much more affordable proposition than it was even a few years ago. Plus, solar cells are more efficient, which means you could be giving power back to the grid, which provides a monthly credit. In fact, solar offers an annual return on investment of up to 12%. That’s just a little more than eight years until a full ROI, and in the meantime you’ll be improving your company’s public image and meeting internal goals for efficiency.

A solar power system can be mounted on the roof of your building or integrated into a different application, such as parking canopies, depending on your facility space and location. Baker Commercial Solar can work with you to discuss your needs and will custom design a system based on your requirements.

Plan for the long term with a low risk, high return solar power system and energy storage for your building.

Baker Electric Commercial Solar is your Climate Action Plan Solution Provider

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