EnergyThe Baker Energy Team is an internal group that is focused on business and opportunity development. We provide both internal and external development and support services for energy efficiency projects. We also participate whenever needed, but we focus on opportunities that require our skill sets of understanding energy, utility and financial analysis

Energy Efficiency

As a leader for energy efficient projects in San Diego, the mission of the Baker Electric Energy Team is to deliver a highly professional, ethical, dedicated and transparent service in order to provide our customers with scalable, product neutral and versatile energy efficient development solutions.  We are firmly grounded in the belief that we are not only providing answers that address energy and environmental challenges through trans-formative science and technology solutions thus ensuring a strong economy and a healthy environment today but we are laying the foundation for a highly sustainable future that will ultimately safeguard the security and prosperity of our society.


  • ENERGY AUDITING – We perform both in-house and outsourced audits
  • ENERGY ENGINEERING – Savings projections feasibility studies financial pro-formas
  • REBATES AND INCENTIVE MANAGEMENT- Estimates, negotiations, reservations, processing & procurement
  • PROJECT DEVELPOPMENT – Design build assistance and development