Location: San Diego, CA

System Size: 90.7 kW

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JA Photovoltaic Goals

The Junior Achievement PV installation achieves two of the nonprofit’s goals in going solar. The first is to save money — with over $1.1 million in savings projected over the life of the system. The second is to use the system as a solar educational tool for the more than 15,000 students who attend JA BizTown each year plus thousands of teachers, parents, and visitors who visit JA’s San Diego location annually. In addition to the financial savings and education aspects, JA exemplifies a responsible corporate citizen by going green. JA is proud of their Energy Star Rating as a result of their solar use.

Return on Solar Investment

The JA 90.72 kW system features 378 Sharp® 240 watt ground-mounted solar modules. The solar installation will provide over 70 percent of the annual electricity for the 23,000 SF facility. The project was self-funded, and Baker helped the organization recover nearly one-third of the cost with the California Solar Initiative rebate program.

Junior Achievement To learn more about Junior Achievement visit their web page at: www.jasandiego.org

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